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A Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Part 1 Project 2015
Ezmira Peraj
Coventry University, UK
There is no way to peace; peace is the way – AJ Muste
What does peace mean to you? Trust is central to overcoming some of the greatest challenges presented by society today. It is a key component of peace building and reconciliation, and of the creation, maintenance and repair of relationships within local communities and across nations. The proposal represents a higher profile presence for the Centre in a purpose built facility at the heart of both the University and the city, a city with a strong significant and historical importance, recognized internationally as a symbol for peace and reconciliation. The complexity of overlaying of layers of history evokes the idea of generating space, uncovering of intimate spaces, discovering and confronting the uncertainty and fear of the unknown. The tension between confidence and humility that characterizes the effort of achieving inner peace; the process that is required for an individual to achieve peace is determined by a series of transformations and transitions. The initial exploration evolved in exploiting layers with various characteristics, representing different manifestations of someone's journey to finding peace. The absent void which divides the solids consists of three bridges on each floor, connecting the two buildings.

Ezmira Peraj


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