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Digital Belfast Media Lighthouse

Part 2 Project 2015
Cathal Peter Quinn
Ulster University | UK
This project looks at the relocation of the BBC NI as an opportunity to create a digital research centre and public broadcasting house that would be the catalyst in the redevelopment of the city.

The concept of the digital lighthouse was driven by the goal of ‘seeing and being seen’ a beacon in the city. The proposal is to work as a periscope, looking out across the city. The new newsroom and studio is located in the glass cantilever this allows the backdrop of the studio to be the city and the iconic Harland and Wolf cranes.

The internal layout of the tower was inspired by the workings of a quarry, multiple layers and planes of activity, the intension was to create a dynamic working landscape that broke down internal hierarchy, promoting departmental interaction, collaboration and synergy in the work place.

A key aspiration for this project was public interaction. The BBC is a public corporation and a new building is an operating to open up to the public. The proposal is broken up into strata based on programme, connected via a public circulation route that climaxes at a skybar and public viewing deck.

Cathal Peter Quinn

Mr Paul Clarke
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