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The Notion of Movement – Community Marker of the West, Singapore

Part 1 Project 2015
Seng Fong Mak
National University of Singapore, Singapore
What defines a community? In the context of Singapore, a multi-racial and diverse age group country, it often refers to a group of people coming together due to their common living environment, interest and social categories. However, the project aims to redefine the current meaning of community and be a melting pot for two generationally-opposed demographics—the elderly and young children— the common glue that binds entire families together. Thus creating an interactive community to integrate different generations and age group.

Jurong (West of Singapore), being a transportation hub, the notion of flow and movement is the key essence taken from the site. Hence, the project sees the importance of circulation and connectivity and therefore creating a sense of seamless flow for the community of Jurong without disrupting the existing infrastructure flow.

By understanding the movement of the people and commuters in Jurong, the proposed community marker respect the nature of the site and create access point to link people from train station the residential. Thus, creating a flow architecture, contained movement. By introducing various programmes and activities along circulation so as to enhance interaction between different social groups.

Seng Fong Mak

Assc. Prof Swee Ling Tse
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