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A Romantic Landscape

Part 2 Project 2015
Aaron Bright
University for the Creative Arts, UK
This thesis project is about unions: it integrates two existing programmatic strands on an important site in Paphos and proposes a third. Fabrica Hill remains a contested territory, with countervailing tensions between developers and archaeologists over the last half-century resulting in an unfortunate disconnection of the hill from the larger area of historical interest adjacent and in ad-hoc commercial developments accreting at its margins. Now controlled by UNESCO, the site can be re-thought, in order to offer integrated facilities for archaeological, ecological, touristic and commercial sustainability. The new architecture and re-integrated landscape become a location for weddings, particularly extra-territorial unions which have become popular in Cyprus, given its more liberal attitude to interfaith and secular marriage than that prevalent in the nearby Middle East.
Aaron Bright

Mr John Bell
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