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Part 1 Project 2015
Sakib Hasan
Ravensbourne University London | UK
Urbanism as we know it would not have been possible without agriculture, as permanent settlements were only possible with a secure food source. Cities were built around food trade, it has played a crucial role in not only feeding the city dwellers, but also has direct social, economic and political influence.
However, as modern cities are growing ever larger, food source has moved further away from the city and even imported from the other side of the world. This disengagement between the food source has many negative affects; as we simply take the food for granted. It also means that majority of the global food trade is controlled by a few companies; that run in the interest of financial benefits and often neglecting the environmental, health and ethical issues.

The project proposes to showcase the importance and possibilities of producing food in the urban environment, allowing agricultural experimentation under natural and artificial conditions. Encouraging open-source innovation and marketplace for localised food production. Providing a large platform for quantitative research that is based on a social cohesion. With its provocative form and scale, the building aims to capture the attention of a greater audience.

Sakib Hasan


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