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Urban Injection

Part 2 Project 2016
Stephanie Helm Grovas
Queen's University Belfast, UK
URBAN INJECTION is a response to the embedded drug problems in Ireland, specifically Dublin City Centre. The thesis proposes to reconsider entirely the current system, introducing a destigmatised, decriminalised strategy that focusses on offering a complete continuum of care for the addicted population.

The resultant proposal is a rigorously considered drug treatment landscape and its accompanying infrastructural requirements, acting from the poppy fields to the needlepoint, and everywhere in between.

The move to decriminalise drug use is bold, but it is also reasoned. The evidence from other countries which have chosen to decriminalise drugs is overwhelmingly positive, and it seems that a compassionate and pragmatic approach to addiction treatment is long overdue. It’s time to admit defeat and escape the flaws on an inherited system.

Stephanie Helm Grovas


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