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The [IN]existent Lines: Collective Memories of Ross Links through Acts of Remembrance

Part 2 Project 2019
Lee Xin Lau
Northumbria University, UK
Linescape - this thesis started by finding the lines of the landscape in Ross Links. These lines are visible but not easily conceivable. These implicit lines manifest itself in the rhythm and pattern of the nature. It exists as a marker to some, embodying memories, telling stories, or even as the identity of the place. The linescape is never constant as the landscape itself changes with time; where in this context is 500 years into the future. One of the prominent lines identified is the landform. This line is projected as the linescape forming the edge condition of Ross Links in 500 years. The thesis is to challenge this edge condition and allowing the surrounding significant lines to inform the architecture which in return, commemorate these lines to prolong the sense of presence of the landscape and its identity to the people.

‘Collective Memories of Ross Links’ is a proposal to preserve the lines of the landscape through acts of remembrance, creating new dimension of progressive experience in a temporal timeframe. A narrative expressing the occupation of the spaces is carefully crafted to hold the poetics and lingering emotions of the landscape through its architecture.

Lee Xin Lau


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