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An Archive and Registry Office for Leeds - ‘The Ministry of Petrifying’

Part 1 Project 2019
Max Bridge
University of Sheffield | UK
'City', 'Ritual', 'Memory', the role of the archive and registry in a city is to store local memories and celebrate the relationships that hold society together. Preserving the history and identities of a city for the inhabitants of the future, whilst housing the symbolic objects of the time and era.

The Ministry of Petrifying acts as a living, changing, growing embodiment and identity of the people of Leeds. A challenge to the current automated - 'soulless'- processing of births, deaths and marriages whilst visually projecting the weight of ancestry, origin and ideals of the Leeds through the old forgotten English process of 'petrifying'.

The Ministry welcomes all to the beating heart of the city to communicate, leave, retrieve and share their imprint on the face of Leeds and ignite their own forgotten past and common human bond.

Max Bridge


Mr Russell Light
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