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Part 1 Project 2019
Haoyu He
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
The unique cityscape of Hong Kong is the result of the volumetric expansion of the city over the last forty years. The social demand for decent housing represents a great challenge for governments, seeing as it is their responsibility to promote housing programmes aimed at reducing social inequality. The project aims to reflect on the challenge to design new typologies of social housing by developing alternative urban forms and providing a socially sustainable living model.

The project is a social housing located in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, a very congested area with a high density of residential buildings.

The ground floor of the house is making public open spaces for people in Yau Ma Tei. It merges with the culture of Tin Hau Temple, Shanghai Street, and Temple Street. Moreover, the chaotic elements of the surroundings are brought into the project and re-organized. The communal loop of the house, from the communal ground courtyard to the communal bridge, brings the community more abundant spaces and improve residence’s living qualities. With two green walls standing on both sides of the elevated highway, the environment and atmosphere of the city are also improved dramatically.

Haoyu He

Mr Tsang-Chi Yuet
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