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Down House 2099: Ideal Villa for Morphogenesis Man

Part 2 Project 2019
Daniela Yaneva
University of Greenwich | UK
‘Down House 2099’ is a theoretical project investigating the evolution of the human body in relation to architecture in the face of modern scientific and technological advancements.
From the Primitive Hut to the Vitruvian Man, to Modular Man, the project speculates that the next evolution of this is, the 'Morphogenesis' Man (author's hypothesis and appropriated terminology) - a hybrid, genetically modified, technologically augmented being. The project speculates on how one might design an Ideal Villa for this new entity.

After the initial speculation of ‘genetically’ modifying Le Corbusier’s flat at Unite D'Habitation, the project proposes that the future house could be grown in a lab and will itself become a technological hybrid, genetically modified, conscious being that will morph and modify itself to the user requirements.

The project is set in Charles Darwin's house (Down House), where a scientist attempts the experiment. With its own evolutionary survival instincts, the conscious house eventually takes over Down House before expanding into the landscape. The Ideal Villa of the future will cease to be an inorganic house but becomes an ideal living landscape that is strange, surreal with sublime beauty, inhabited by Morphogenesis Man and other hybrid creatures to become a multi-species habitat.

Daniela Yaneva

Mr Rahesh Ram
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