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Experimenting with Programmatic Narratives: Culture in the Millennium City

Part 2 Project 2019
Ravisha Rathore
Sushant University | India
The thesis aims at experimenting with programmatic narratives in an architecture that manipulates functions through blurred boundaries and indeterminate programme, to enhance and create new stories and experiences, applying critical thinking to the process creating an unconventional and innovative solution.

In present-day, all creative fields are overlapped with one another. There are no clear boundaries in these disciplines. Which begs us to ask the question of how should a space of culture/ media look like today?

“Programmatic Indeterminacy implies that buildings and places should have the capacity to accept programmatic change. This also implies not assigning a definite program to spaces, buildings, or places but infusing them with the capacity to hold unforeseen uses. Programme is not defined for a particular space and time but left open and conducive to change as and when the requirements or purpose/use of the space changes.”

An intervention that challenges the current programmes and adds another layer of culture creates an interesting opportunity. It allows the user to experience unexpected “events” and creates new stories. Thus, Cyber City becomes the perfect stage for such an intervention and herein lie the perfect conditions for creative professionals, who need an energetic ecology to evoke their innovation.

Ravisha Rathore


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