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Continuous Monument

Part 1 Project 2019
Issuru Vimukthi Perera Uswatta Liyanage
Birmingham City University | UK
Buildings are archived in history by their architectural and historical value. A statutory document is produced at the time of listing and is very rarely updated - our record of the historic environment is stagnant. We suspend time by keeping these records.

However, when these buildings are demolished or destroyed, all we have left are these archival documents with information collected about the building. This way of archiving kills the memory of the building, limiting the building’s value to its context for future generations.
This project seeks to question this dichotomy and think about how we can start to archive the memory and evolution of these buildings. The architectural proposal purposefully pushes our desire for archiving as a means of critiquing the method reasoning by which we collect information at any moment in time.

Archival content is engraved into ribbed walls that indiscriminately dissect across Bewdley Town, walls where people can walk in a maze-like environment, and regain information on the environment they are experiencing. The walls are organised by periods of time. The project is a process in the detailed craft of the walls in its excavation of the aggregates, and their material relationship to the context of Bewdley.

Issuru Vimukthi Perera Uswatta Liyanage


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