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Holloware House – Ceramic Open Studios

Part 2 Project 2019
Sophie Miller
De Montfort University | UK
In a time where creative learning and manual dexterity is being lost within a generation, the importance of open studios is significant. There is a problematic issue of arts being viewed as a secondary subject and therefore it is slowly being pushed out of the national curriculum. The cost of such activities is placing lower income families out of reach of after school activities meaning these children are not only being denied a creative education in school hours, but also being priced out of anything outside of this.

An Open Studio premise, such as Holloware House, engages children in the process of ceramics and creative learning. This focused typology creates an integrated environment between the artist and the visitor and the architecture and the street leaving the impressionable feeling of walking through an oversized damp room. The Levels are divided up into public and private spaces, with the ground level housing the terracotta clad Hollowares open to the public with the workshop kilns and educational spaces situated at the subterranean level. The project hopes to bring to light the gradual decline and removal of art based subjects in schools and reduce the negative connotations by involving children in creative play.

Sophie Miller


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