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The Parliament of the Greater Bay Area Union

Part 2 Project 2019
Ka Wing Ho
University of Hong Kong | China
The thesis proposes an alternative to the planning strategy and the use of digital technology at the Greater Bay Area, China. A moving vessel containing a regional parliament and a data center is designed. Its base is set in international waters.

In terms of geo-economics, China assigned the 11 cities at the Area each with a specific role without going through sufficient consultation with local communities. In terms of digital security, data for surveillance is collected from citizens, yet confined to the Central Government.

Instead of seeing the Area constituted of 11 cities, the thesis sees the Area constituted of 131 individual districts, which is more community-based. Each district will elect representatives to join the parliament on the vessel through proportional representation, ensuring an equal say.

The vessel travels around the Area, collects data through cables, and retreats into international waters. Data collected will be shared at the parliament as a reference for making decisions for the Area.

At this new union, the vessel is a heterotopic space as discussed by Michel Foucault. It ensures intercity communication and the fair use of data properties. It is a self-contained city, referencing Le Corbusier’s Ocean Liner and Unité d'habitation.

Ka Wing Ho


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