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Metamorphosing Keystones

Part 1 Project 2019
Daniel Jordan
Loughborough University | UK
Metamorphosing refers to the way spaces evolve over time. Places evolve to match shifts in technology, lifestyle and society. Such change is ever-present in the library, a public space typology which has evolved over time from a place of physical storage to a more social role in its contemporary state. ‘Metamorphosing Keystones’ responds to a brief which asked how we might take the library typology and reinvent its physical space and empower the community as a place of human connection rather than physical collection.

Set within the context of Liverpool, I identified a site which acted as a ‘missing piece’ within the Liverpool educational network. Initially inspired by the arched bridge on-site, I investigated the dual role of an arch as a bridge and a barrier through an in-depth study of how arch typologies can drive inclusion and exclusion.

Relating to the motif of ‘a missing piece’, I investigated the relationship of an arch and its keystone. The keystone is the ‘final piece’ of the arch, its placement embodies physical connection. I questioned how the keystone might evolve within the context of the modern arch, to metamorphose from an object of structural necessity to one of human connection.

Daniel Jordan


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