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Decarbonising the Valley: A Carbon Dioxide Upcycling Incubator to Tackle the Severe Air Pollution Problem in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Part 2 Project 2019
Kasuni Perera
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
The project is proposed as a solution to address the severe air pollution problem in the district of Kandy, it is a platform that upcycles the waste Carbon dioxide accumulated in the atmosphere (due to pollution) of the Kandy district into useful climate resilient energy, technology and products that will help Sri Lanka to transition to a carbon neutral economy while improving the air quality of Kandy.

Carbon capture and utilisation is an upcoming technology that focuses on carbon dioxide recycling/up-cycling innovation and technologies that help to tackle climate change and deliver carbon neutrality.

The Carbon dioxide upcycling incubator is a platform that specialises in “Carbon capture and utilisation technology” and it brings together experts across disciplines to research, design, innovate and produce low emission, climate resilient technologies that will drive toward a low carbon economy.

The project comprises of a Promotional and Awareness center, Market and Visitor platform, Research and innovation center and an Upcycling incubator.

The architecture of this program is integrated to the process of upcycling CO2 and it explores ways of turning infrastructure into social spaces that promote and create awareness about more sustainable power generation technologies.

Kasuni Perera


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