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News Centre: Metamorphosis and Manipulation

Part 1 Project 2019
Irgel Enkhsaikhan
University of Westminster | UK
The project is an exploration of design methodologies, from which questions around architecture arises and begins to explore answers to some of these questions. Through creating a narrative for an analogous city of morphosis and autonomy, the project begins to imagine a building which is in a constant state of transience of form, function, meaning and memories; a morphological building. Beyond this, the project questions how a disjunction of programs and uses could be inhabited within the same structure, of which work collectively to enhance the impact of the building on the urban context from a socio-economic perspective.

From this narrative, the design ambition starts with designing a library, gallery and a theatre within a sky-scraper like growing object. These programs are drawn from other significant buildings within the context, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of the site with also some intuition.

The methodology consists of several stages of processes, with painting as a mode of abstraction as the key design tool. Each stage of the process is unlocked through a new method of drawing after which the preceding process no longer becomes useful in progressing the narrative and the architecture in a meaningful way.

Irgel Enkhsaikhan


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