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If Trees Could Talk

Part 1 Project 2019
James Eaton-Hennah
University of Plymouth | UK
Over time as the city grows, the sounds of nature become engulfed. The busy industrial attack of city life ventures further into the broadest reaches of its control. The constant rumble of the city represents each of us individually, forming a soundscape of modern life. This scape can be dissected into moments. Moments of laughter, sadness, love, hope, or even just the awkward small talk as you get in the lift with someone you don’t know. These events can be condensed into the elements that create them, one of which is sound. This project ‘If trees could talk’ acts as a vessel to both document and celebrate these moments. By preserving these, we can begin to piece by piece construct a documentation of our social history, setting itself against the backdrop of its roots from a blank canvas of silence in nature.
James Eaton-Hennah


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