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Part 2 Project 2019
William Bellamy
London School of Architecture | UK
The project proposes an alternative approach to adaptive re-use of industrial architecture with a focus on two issues:

1. How to retain local industry and allow it co-exist alongside new patterns of urban life.
2. And how to define an architectural language able to extend the existing without compromising contemporary needs.

It suggests a different way of using industrial space that is more than an attraction built through a top-down approach, but an opportunity instigated by and for the people around it.

The site is a 140 year old sugar refinery owned by Tate & Lyle in Newham of East London. Too often, these sites have turned from places of production to places of consumption. Instead, we build on the industrial as well as cultural heritage of the Tate. Where once Tate Modern gave the opportunity for everyone to consume the arts, the Tate Institute gives space for the making of the arts (in its broadest sense).

The program is based on Newham Council’s own unique approach to improving the lives of its residents. It results in an architecture that rejects demolition and displacement in favour of an architecture of alteration that by its nature is collective and hopeful.

William Bellamy


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