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Rethinking Tulou – Communal Garden

Part 1 Project 2019
Christie Ka Hei Ma
University of Hong Kong | China
Tulous were the vernacular type of urban collective housing in Fujian, they are named as “mud house” in Chinese because of its unique use of rammed earth to build walls. More than 700 years ago, Tulous were the only architecture on the piece of rural land. As modern buildings started to rise, Tulous were trapped and sunken into the density of urbanised life.

This project imagines how a Tulou could be transformed and revitalised into a public communal garden. People are adopting a different lifestyle nowadays and it is important for us to realise a new role for the vernaculars and connect them back to the time and place.

Sometimes, renovation is about offering new opportunities by responding to the old with the
new, instead of concerning about how much of the old we conserve.

Christie Ka Hei Ma


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