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Metropolitan Insectarium / Design Methodology Through the Use of Language, Repetition and References

Part 2 Project 2019
Nicolás Silva
University of Chile Santiago Chile
Architecture is a profession in which the results must be positive. Usually, this is the premise that goes through our heads when we receive a commission and start designing a project. When designing we submit to countless variables, transforming the process into a resolution of problems, which often have no relation to the motivations behind the design. In this context, architecture does not arise from its own agenda, but rather as a linear process based on fulfilling the objectives of the professional agenda.

This project proposes a methodology that generates a critical view of the design process of a project, separating it from the external variables and/or restrictions of the commission, to understand the design as space where new results, possibilities, and knowledge are generated. To achieve this, the concepts of language, repetition, and references are used to create a set of design tools that allow us to generate projects with a matrix of arguments that nourishes our own work agenda, generating a critical and anachronistic vision of architecture.

Nicolás Silva


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