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Narratives of Landscape and Identity

Part 2 Project 2020
Miguel Henao Osorno
Pontifical Bolivarian University | Colombia
The interest was to create a public space with a house for music through the reinterpretation of those values that were crucial for the place. After an investigation from the sensitive, it becomes evident that what makes the work site unique is on the one hand its condition of natural environment and on the other the particular presence of embedded rocks, omnipresent in the different topography: waterfalls, meadows, roads, empty lots, mountain ranges, hills. This encourages the Project to propose itself as the reconstruction of those reliefs with rock essence, bringing part of the natural order to the urban area.

Superimpose the construction of an artifice in contrast on the resulting topography in the reconstruction of a landscape, the Tamesian landscape that is understood as a tiny human space in the middle of the mountains of timeless and omnipresent rocks. It is a natural and artificial environment that man endows with meaning and appropriates. As if merging a constructed metaphor, the Project aims to be the evidence of the contrasting relationships of the natural order with the anthropological one, and that with the passage of time lead to the construction of imageries about the landscape and identity.

Miguel Henao Osorno


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