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The Renewed Covent Garden Market

Part 2 Project 2020
Andrew Hopper
London Metropolitan University | UK
Situated within Battersea the New Covent Garden Market is undergoing a dramatic ‘regeneration’ during which all existing fabric will be removed and replaced. This regeneration will further isolate the market from the broader area, cynically grafting public uses onto one outward looking façade.

The thesis proposes an alternative; a renewal of the existing market fabric, the introduction of a new variety of workspaces, the retention of all existing civic uses on the site, and the addition of more public spaces. Creating an urban archipelago that differentiates itself from the surrounding sea of luxury residential developments, in which the urban productive uses of the market are opened as a weighty civic amenity for the city at large.

The thesis takes survey as a driver for programme, language and style. Following the work of the Flemish architect / artist René Heyvaert and Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who’s projects are taken as two exceptional examples of the possibilities in the renewal of buildings.

Andrew Hopper


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