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The Legislative Theatre of El Raval

Part 1 Project 2020
Lauris Svarups
University for the Creative Arts | UK
El Raval, one of the most diverse and marginalized areas of Barcelona could benefit from improved political discussion to address local issues in innovative ways alongside spaces for reflection and learning.

Through a strategy of “Participatory democracy” the proposal aims to establish an alternative city-district governing method by using the established practices of “Legislative Theatre” mixed with the Soviet “Palace of Culture” archetype.

The participatory nature of the building use calls for a new type of government space that is more responsive to activism which seeks to embed the community’s opinion and response to change in its core. A new political system is established, that directly involves the citizens in the process of law making.

Functions such as a cultural hub and melting pot, where the various nationalities, religions and professions establish their political and practical views that are then showcased and discussed with the wider public.

Brick, loadbearing stone and timber are expressed simply both inside and out to provide a natural and varied experience for building users while a new public space becomes a focal point to help re-define and reflect the diverse local community.

Lauris Svarups


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