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The Garden of Shoreham: An Ecological Utopia Rejuvenating the South Coast

Part 2 Project 2021
Thomas House
University of Portsmouth | UK
The Garden of Shoreham is an eco-tourism destination retrieving and enhancing the ecology and well-being of Shoreham-by- Sea through nature, sustainability, and community well-being. The phased restoration of the site from toxic landfill to pristine ecological system articulates the symbiotic relationship between architecture and it’s host environment.

Housed within a ‘living landscape’, the scheme comprises a visitor centre, biomes, link building, and an educational research centre. The exhibition of both local and exotic habitats draws the public and community together through education, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse and rich ecology and ecosystems of the South Coast of England. Counterpointing the conservation mission of the global collection with sensitive local habitats underscores the vital need the need to restore sensitive local habitats before it is too late.

As a society, we must change. A radical approach is needed, instead of focusing on future generations to change lifestyles, we must focus on past generations. Perspective is one thing, behaviour is another, studies show clearly that environmental protection intent rarely translates in to positive environmental action.

The Garden of Shoreham combines submersive experiences and place attachment theory to transform the way people live their lives through a collective community habitat restoration scheme.

Thomas House


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