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The Revolution Light

Part 1 Project 2021
Hazem Saeed
Beirut Arab University - Tripoli campus Tripoli | Lebanon
Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is a city of baffling contradictions whose character blends the sophisticated and cosmopolitan with the provincial and parochial, a city that refuses to die and lately suffered from many problems that caused the damage of its heart after the tragedy of the Port Explosion. This lead to the concept itself where the project aims to work within the physical and social content to obtain the integrated leadership of the physical environment of site that passed a main recent obstacle, THE REVOLUTION, that reflected a very dark phase to the environment.

This reflected the idea of a Co-working office that help create young businesses by providing them with necessary support, financial, and technical services which such a society needs. That’s why the entrances of the building are all berried underground using outdoor stair that let users reach to the minimum levels that lands behind a revolution monumental display screen that shows the history site. But as we reach down the spaces are all open that presents the citizens hope during this phase. Hope means light, that’s why the form is subtracted and extracted by a light tube that shines the inside and breaks the dark.

Hazem Saeed


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