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The Garden of Candlewrich

Part 2 Project 2021
Jack Whitehead
Nottingham Trent University | UK
The scarcity of buildable inner-city space, as a consequence of mass urban density and necessity to achieve maximum economic gain has created a competitive market of investors and developers, capitalising from the forced insertion of privatised function. The booming neo-liberal London economy has reframed the City as a built environment informed through datasets dictating development, based upon plausible financial investment and net capital growth.

The city has been blinded by gluttony; primary civic assets have been condensed to their most basic form. A recurring theme of a loss of identity, unsympathetic rejuvenation and an absence of environmental agenda is emerging; clarity is required through a shift in attitudes and legislative design policies. London’s Cannon Street Station will form the basis of the proposal through the conscious and sustainable adaptive reuse of a pre-existing structure, adopting the maximum useable material.

The development will allow the people to have greater control in shaping public spaces and provide a structure for the conscious removal of inner-city privatisation. The public can openly embrace the building, rather than watch from afar as is common with many metropolitan spaces, paying homage to the beguiling theatre of the city, a room for London.

Jack Whitehead


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