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The Timely Proxemics of a Post-Human Social Condenser Phalanstery

Part 2 Project 2021
Harry Harwood
University of Brighton | UK
The project turns to the ideology of 1920s Constructivists and the Social Condenser: buildings with an ambition to support lives through sport, culture and education. Focusing on the premise of Corridic Utopia, it sees the application of sociopetal corridors to create forced social interaction while new sociofugal routes offer places for shielding. The scheme is sited in Tide Mills, a piece of land squeezed between infrastructure, industry, suburbia and sea and looks to reinstate the culture of a Social Condenser Phalanstery – a community of collective living. The architecture embodies the idea of being a Flat Ontology through speculation of a Constructed Chimaera – the readable transformation of one object into the next. Figuration on the building’s skins interacts with its underlying form and deviates from it, creating ambiguous scale effects and links between architectural parts, essentially arguing that the beauty of tectonics is its ability to create post-human fictions.

Harry Harwood


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