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The Drowned Don: An Alternative Proposition for UK Flood Defence Strategies

Part 2 Project 2021
Chloé Nicol
University of Sheffield | UK
The Drowned Don proposition has been drafted in response to extreme climatic events of recent months that have populated headlines. Future climate uncertainty and damning climatic predictions implores us to accept that the climate disaster is already here, as water threatens to consume our habitable land. Small interventions can not stop what is coming.

The radical proposition intends to awaken the government to the unsustainable nature of existing procurement routes for flood management. Instead, it demands a new sophisticated architecture that is centrally concerned with reuse and retrofitting in the context of the climate emergency. It asserts that within this carbon extreme climate, we can not afford to forgo existing building stock and resources and instead explore the possibility of civilisations inhabiting flood prone environments.

Included within the proposition are visualisations of what could become by 2050 if we work in both architectural and landscape disciplines to champion the climate emergency, environmental deregulation and community action. But beware, it requires a paradigm shift of contemporary culture.

I urge you to proceed with an open mind and see the opportunity to live with something much better than before. This is intended to provoke debate about our collective future.

Chloé Nicol


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