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Return to the Carioca Backlands

Part 1 Project 2021
Daniel Jordan
Loughborough University | UK
Return to the Carioca Backlands is a project that explores horticultural futures and a conceptual mosaic to imagine future domesticities for a people now removed from the rurality of Rio de Janeiro’s once forested wetlands. The chosen site is on the brink of urbanization, still building to this day on its modernist foundations. Through the design of a housing scheme, that incorporates technologies both old and new, the people of the carioca are given a place to practice and preserve.

Largely inspired by the 1936 book ‘O Sertao Carioca’ (The Backlands of the Carioca), this project recalls the bucolic studies of its author Magalhães Corrêa, creating a space for flora and fauna embedded in the metropolitan; rurality in the urban. In the heart of the urbanized metropolitan, the new Carioca Backlands emerge; a place that sustains a relationship with the beauty and rurality of its ecosystem through horticultural practices of past and present.

Daniel Jordan


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