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Bridging the Past

Part 2 Project 2021
Alexander Lim
University of New South Wales | Australia
A museum must be as dedicated to the future as it is to the past. It is more than a place for memories, it is a place to reimagine the future, educated by the stories of the past.

The railway workshops of Redfern were once a focal point of industry in Sydney, the first place where Indigenous and white Australians worked alongside each other, at a time when discrimination was widespread. Today, while the workshops lie in disuse, the vibrant communities that grew around them now form the beating heart of Redfern. But those same railway tracks that helped the city to flourish, now divide it, and Redfern station is struggling to support the growing population.

This project imagines a hybrid solution, stitching the city back together through a combined museum and station that bridges the railway tracks. The pedestrian-centric concourse blurs the divide between history and journey, interweaving people and past. It is a living museum, curating the stories and celebrating the contemporary communities of Redfern.

Alexander Lim


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