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Beyond Monoculture

Part 2 Project 2021
Regina Nakansere
University of Brighton | UK
Beyond mono-culture is a design research project questioning the ubiquity of single-family housing in rural locations in the UK. It proposes a new model of multi-generational housing often identified with migrant communities: the rural other. African models of multigenerational community living have been studied as precedents to develop new more diverse types of housing that address issues of culture, ethnicity and ageing in the countryside.

Beyond mono-culture also considers the use of local Sussex materials, sculpting housing out of rammed chalk within the South Downs village of Findon. Findon has been allocated for new housing by the South Downs National Park Authority. Taking inspiration from the spatial character of Ashanti vernacular housing, the project challenges assumptions of housing density, typology, construction, and layout. The existing allocated site, - SD69 - proposes 12 homes with 1, 4, 5 and 6 bedrooms bounding shared outdoor spaces. My scheme proposes 12 multigenerational family homes. Beyond numbers, the layout enriches the possibilities of the site and proposes a more diverse and inclusive model of rural housing.

Beyond mono-culture housing is a new typology to complement the character and ethnic background of those that might live and move into the countryside.

Regina Nakansere


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