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An Almost Invisible Architecture of Shelters, Shacks, Sheds, Spaces, Tracks, and Bridges…

Part 1 Project 2021
Esranur Yagiz
University of Brighton | UK
My project began with the idea of building a bridge in Hamsey, north of Lewes. It would cross a small tidal river to an island where a little shed would provide a place to shelter from the weather. The bridge and shed should be simply built from local materials but how to do this? How might care, craft, and attention be applied so that the apparently ordinary might become architecture?

This led to thinking about a landscape now empty of industry and to ways that might see a return of employment. A timber workshop was designed to house the making of small shed and shelters using traditional and modern methods of timber construction. Sited on the north bank of the river the workshop could be serviced by boats, supplying materials and exporting products.

Over time associated craft-based activities would evolve and skills would be taught, accommodated in adjacent buildings that shelter an outside public yard. A landing stage and public café would be added. Residences might be added. Lastly a pedestrian footbridge could be constructed over the river, allowing people to follow the line of the old dismantled railway and thereby access to this ‘area outstanding natural beauty’.

The aim, was to develop a slow gathering of buildings and spaces that would appear to entirely belong through a form of architecture that in plain sight would be almost invisible.

Esranur Yagiz

Mr Stephen Ryan
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