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Part 1 Project 2021
Teresa Noguera
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
Rodeo Arenas in Chile, also called Medialunas, are a crescent-shaped corral used for rodeos, the official sport in Chile. Medialunas are spread along the territory from the very north to the very south of the country and they comprise a vast network of public infrastructure equipped with basic facilities. Due to the global and ethical changes in the way we relate to non-humans, Medialunas have become spaces of dispute and they will sooner or later become vacant spaces for new contents. This gives us the opportunity to transform them from being spaces of pain and suffering to spaces that provide security and relief in states of catastrophe.

The intention of this project was to bring the spaces of the medialunas back to life and not only design a shelter that provides security to the people who need it, but also provide other spaces that allow generating ties and increasing social capital. This occurs through the generation of different levels with different degrees of privacy, where the first level creates a continuous and open space that encourages community use. Also, the possibility of building a secondary structure from the same components of the refuge, which allows the development of different activities, promoting encounters and participation.

Teresa Noguera


Sebastian Irrarrazaval
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