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Post Pandemic Healthcare Center

Part 1 Project 2021
Mohammad Arnaout
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lebanon, as of most of the rest of the world faced a major crisis regarding space, and its availability for well-equipped patient’s beds during high bed saturated states.

The presented project aims to tackle the problem posed by pandemics on Lebanon, in specific, and the whole world in general, where it focuses more on the architectural side posed by the pandemics, which is finding a space that is flexible enough, well equipped, and adaptive to host patients during high bed saturated states.

Through Adaptable Design, Flexible Structures, and Sustainable Strategies, this project aims to create a well-equipped Flexible Space to host patients during high saturated bed states in pandemics, while maintaining a positive and healthy atmosphere on the environment and on its surroundings.

When implemented, this proposal offers a new perspective in dealing with healthcare center designs where each component of a healthcare system operates separately but is a part of a greater system that is needed for the whole system to operate effectively.

Finally, this project adopts the Metabolism-‘ic’ architectural trend that through its features, aids the concept and technicality of the project through providing flexible basis for this design to achieve its goals.

Mohammad Arnaout


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