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Part 1 Project 2021
James Pearce
University College Cork Cork | Ireland
The heart of the project is a boat building workshop with accommodation where people can escape the modern world. It situated on spike Island, a previous military fort and prison. Spike Islands history has always had a transformative effect on the people who have been there.

This scheme wants to build on that memory. Materials and visitors are transported to the island and undergo a transformation, be it physical or mental, similar to the prisoners that came to the island albeit a more positive transformation. There is also this romantic notion that the building would be built over time by people visiting the island as way of pilgrimage. Built with the same materials and connections one would construct a boat. A building that the visitors themselves have control over its future. This pilgrimage creates an incorporated memory in its construction. The façade holds drying timbers used in the building of the boats creating a dynamic shell which changes over the season.

This building is temporary, it will fall into ruin like the rest of the buildings on the island and inscribe a memory on the land.

James Pearce


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