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Re-Centering: Adaptive Re-Use as an Approach to a New Civic Architecture

Part 2 Project 2021
Joseph Moran
University College Dublin | Ireland
The thesis questions how infrastructure is made to carry out a duty as provider of necessary process, yet also fulfilling a broader civic duty to mean more than itself. Responding to the implications of the climate crisis and concerns about our response, the thesis takes the typology of the Civic Amenity Centre, the official euphemistic name for recycling centres in Ireland. Physically pushed to the edge of towns and cities, their marginal position possibly also reflects the peripheral attitude we have towards the processes they contain and the people who perform them. The centre is re-imagined, civic spaces or rooms are made alongside an expanded set of material recycling facilities, processing waste to re-enter a local circular economy. A place to gather materials, people and ideas. It re-uses existing structures, a method which is accepted as necessary to the future manner of making the state. Taking an ensemble of underutilised factory buildings the project explores the approaches by which these buildings might be translated into a RE-CENTRE and how this act in turn might impinge on broader questions of what it means to reform structures to make a civic architecture in the twenty first century.
Joseph Moran


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