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Commoning the Wasteland

Part 2 Project 2021
Aniella Sophie Goldinger
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo Norway
This project investigates the act of commoning as a way to rehabilitate the wasteland of an old stone deposit and extraction site at Stensrud, the last housing reserve within the Oslo municipality of Norway. The area is characterized by its folded and eroded bedrock landscape with a thin sediment layer – the quarry dramatically alters this condition, folding time and rearranging matter across geological strata.

What if a landscape framework – water sensitive and re-regenerative – would form the basis of urban development?

The scope of the project concentrates on establishing the commons as a catalysator for future development, through a reciprocal relationship with the soil and the multispecies inhabitants of the site. Within the structural matrix of the site, two structures are established: the long soil beds and the pollinator patches, with each their distinctive way of emerging from the plan drawing, incrementally rendering the landscape habitable.

Commoning allows for different structures of care to emerge. Commoning is an active act of caring for the soil and its critters.

Aniella Sophie Goldinger


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