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The Palace of Care

Part 1 Project 2021
Qinying Tan
Cardiff University | UK
St Davids, a small picturesque medieval pilgrimage site on the southwest tip of Pembrokeshire, provides the setting for a study into the architecture of care, reflection and healing. The proposal questions the existing social care services for the elderly, specifically for those affected by hearing loss. The project sits parallel to the ruin of the 6th century Bishops Palace and adjacent to the Cathedral, the origin and heart of the city of St Davids, and tries to reaffirm the pastoral tradition of these buildings while reflecting on things lost.

‘The Palace of Care’ is the tip of the iceberg of social care challenges; it emphasises the importance of care and support services for often neglected ageing problems. Beyond, the project urges architects to contribute their social responsibilities to society to help provide a long-term and sustainable social care architecture for the elderly—especially urgent following the pandemic.

By knitting an earlier monastic form into the natural landscape, the project aims to build optimistic gathering moments and address collective memory. Incorporating rooms for community engagement as well as ones that are contemplative and therapeutic, it aspires to be a building imbued with dignity, interdependence, and a sense of belonging.

Qinying Tan


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