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Re-Imagining an Urban-Based Timber Yard

Part 2 Project 2021
Shafiq Ali Shariff Ali
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
“Dingle Timber Factory” investigates the co-existence of ‘Work’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Live’, building upon the industrial heritage of the Dingle and the masterplan’s reurbanisation scheme. It seeks to comment on the increasing mass production in industries which had led manufacturing to become centralised away from urban areas, detached from the sight of consumers. The development of modern technologies and the growing push for sustainability through a circular economy require a rethink on how things are produced and consumed. Reintegrating manufacturing in urban areas presents an opportunity for rediscovering the spatial place of products, whilst making visible the intricate processes of production.

The thesis focuses on timber as a material, due to the significance of past timber trade in the growth of the Dingle, thus now acting as a catalyst to the urban regeneration of the area. Existing transport infrastructure, which includes a train line, is integrated into the building design for material delivery and distribution. Undulating saw-tooth roofs unify the stepped floors of the building, while giving reference to the architectural tectonic of former industrial buildings and warehouses in Liverpool.

Shafiq Ali Shariff Ali


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