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Growing Together

Part 1 Project 2021
Kayla Enos
Queen's University Belfast | UK
This project aims to enhance the lives of the community by providing inclusive and accessible opportunities for social interaction. The scheme provides a community kitchen and dining room, a market hall and a series of allotments. By providing opportunities for physical and social activity, the community gardens can provide spaces that support on an individual and communal level.
It responds to research which associates proximity to green space with improved mental wellbeing and proposes gardening as a measure to improve wellness. By introducing a hub for growing and selling produce, this project aims to become a catalyst for further allotments to develop throughout the city.

The site is located along the River Lagan, in an area at high risk of flooding, and highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Designing a flood strategy for the site became a priority for this scheme. The design proposes a flood wall for the area which also forms a footpath when the current path is flooded.
Introducing green spaces to the city can also help to combat global warming as urban gardens have the ability to grow and supply food for parts of the city, therefore reducing its carbon footprint.

Kayla Enos


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