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Nostalgia of a Manual Heritage: A Conservatory for the Arts and Crafts of Wood

Part 2 Project 2021
Philippe Champagne
Universite Laval Quebec Canada
The regions, municipalities and villages of Quebec that once supported the imagination of handwork have now become symbols of demographic fragility. The hinterland located along the St. Lawrence River has become threatened by the numerous rural exoduses that feed the southern industrial cities. This territorial instability is leading to a loss of the cultural features that have historically shaped the local identity of Quebec regions.

The project is therefore proposed as a tool for regional revival. As a conservatory for the arts and crafts of wood, the main objective is to re-establish territorial sustainability through the development of cultural practices specific to demographically unstable regions: woodworking.

This academic typology that aims to perpetuate manual work is located on an abandoned agrarian land in the rural area of Les Bergeronnes. With its typical coastal countryside characteristics, this municipality, heavily affected by the demographic imbalance, will become the middle ground between the regional ecosystem and the cultural heritage.

The constructive thinking applied in the project attempts to reconstruct the lost imaginary and the phenomenological forms of handcrafted activities. This architectural imageability provides a reading that enhances the traditions and the local knowledge related to woodworking.

Philippe Champagne


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