School Project Entries 2021

Architectural Association

The City Synthesiser
The project puts forward an urban vision for Moscow, where transport also affects speed, direction, and the image of the city’s growth and expansion. ... read on
Xiaoya He
On Neutral Ground
Employing the term cast as an intervention to alter an existing context, the project explores the declining nature of public space within London and q... read on
Aiden Domican
In the Name of Resilience: Crises, Care, and Civic Infrastructures in Beirut
The project is an urban response to the crises that are currently ravaging the city of Beirut. In a context where the population’s wellbeing is comple... read on
Philip Gharios
Earth Bound – Terre d’Origine
‘I’ve found that the only thing that brings me peace is working with my hands, Remaining in motion, not only to preserve, but to process. You are at ... read on
Shaha Raphael