School Project Entries 2018

University of Nottingham,

A Bridge to Wellness
A Bridge to Wellness is a thesis project which proposes a sacred territory that purifies polluted water from the River Thames. Ostracised members from... read on
Sam Beattie
A Monument to a Decaying City
‘The Monument to a Decaying City’ explores the intrinsic links between a city and its people. A dual response to Durham’s aging population and its... read on
George Newton
The Third Industrial Revolution
Where the Third Industrial Revolution can be defined as a recent surge in making things within the age of innovation, my thesis proposal sought to und... read on
Timothy Fentem
Traces: Making Spaces for Social Collective Memory of Peckham Rye
The project aims to capture the change of social space in Peckham by fragmentation of stories into performances to convey the memory to the general pu... read on
Simas Ozolincius