School Project Entries 2017

Newcastle University

Spatialising the Fluctuating Process of Design
For the design of a craft based School of Architecture in Tynemouth, I wanted to tackle the intrinsically curious concept of the unconscious through t... read on
Daniel Barrett
Becoming: A Meta-Discourse on the Intoxication of Architectural Education
BECOMING is an interactive Virtual Reality project that critiques modes of architectural practice. The project uses architecture to tell a story of my... read on
Daniel Duffield
The Yorkshire Transcripts
The project aims to connect society, economy and architecture through a series of three theoretical narratives that imagines the site as a testing gro... read on
Mark Laverty
‘The Venice’: An Analogous Experience
Responding to Venice’s ever-increasing numbers of tourists, as well as the disruptive nature of the visiting cruise ships, the project proposes a stra... read on
Mariya Lapteva