School Project Entries 2018

Newcastle University

Erasure of Social Landscapes
This thesis acts as a protest against the practice referred to as creative destruction. The notion that demolition is required to achieve new creative... read on
Sophie Baldwin
The Centre for Collaborative Making – Stoke on Trent
Located in the fragmented city of Stoke-on-Trent, the program looks to a strong manufacturing heritage and responds by reviving and providing a space ... read on
Arran Noble
Freespace of Relationships: A Landscape of Conciliation and Mediation
The ‘Freespace of Relationships: Landscape of Conciliation and Mediation’ is an architectural intervention in the Scottish Highlands, derived from inv... read on
Abigail Murphy
Pragmatopia is a speculative proposal for stitching together three disparate, poorly connected areas of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The aim is deliberately u... read on
Jack Sweet