School Project Entries 2021

Newcastle University

The Rift
The Building Upon Building Studio was instrumental in the study of architectural preservation in designing upon an iconic project; the Penguin Pond. W... read on
Otto Jaax
The Haunting of Number 12
Displaced from our studio space during the Covid-19 lockdown, this project’s site of inquiry is focused on our own Victorian terraced house in Newcast... read on
Alec McCulloch Mark Laverty
The Ecological Palace
The Ecological Palace located north of Saltaire WHS is driven by the rapid exploitation of natural resources and the decimation of cultural and biolog... read on
Ching Yee Jane Li
Reclaiming Playtime
Reclaiming Playtime introduces concepts of play and games into a mixed-use cultural space at the intersection between Edinburgh and Leith, the product... read on
Nicholas Honey Robert Thackeray