School Project Entries 2017

Manchester School of Architecture

Die Kunst des Überganges
Following the sale of artwork to the EU to fill the coffers of a Post-Brexit Britain, a fair distribution formula was created in order to spread this ... read on
Daniel Kirkby Vanessa Torri
X Building
The new transformation of Manchester Airport will be finished in 2025, and a new significant landmark is necessary to offer the first impression and ... read on
Zhaorui Tan
The Industrial Rehabilitation Revolution - TIRR
Is ‘true rehabilitation’ an impossible aspiration? As a concept it maintains the reproduction of prisons failure to emancipate freedom through capi... read on
Joe Dempsey
Manchester Community Theatre : Embodying Delight in the Urban Realm
Manchester, the first industrial city is now a reinvented C21 multicultural metropolis. The Manchester Community Theatre comprises indoor and outdoor ... read on
Kwan To Tsoi