School Project Entries 2018

Manchester School of Architecture,

La Fondazione Vito Maria Amico
La Fondazione Vito Maria Amico is an archaeology museum and research institute based in the historic centre of Catania, Sicily. The project reuses an ... read on
Karissa Tysklind Rebekah Parkinson
The Ardwick Garden of the Collective Past
The Ardwick Garden of a Collective Past presents an entirely new building typology - a Bio-Cemetery. The Bio-Cemetery, in Manchester, acts as a me... read on
Lola Tartakover
Lizard Space Centre: A Facility to Utilise the Resources of Outer Space
This project explores how resources in outer space such as space junk and asteroids containing precious metals can be utilised. Located in Lizard Corn... read on
Peter Bell
The Madelab
The MADELAB is a framework consisting of three stages which aims to decommmodify the knowledge of construction and provide the tools to enable the inh... read on
Jhower Emanuel Sanchez Pinela