School Project Entries 2018

National University of Singapore,

The Source @ Jurong Kechil. Connecting Consumers to the Source
The project explores architecture as a medium to orchestrate brand experience and to curate the serve and service of retail pleasure. The design i... read on
Gavin Low
Materialising Sand: The Dunes, The Archipelago, The Beach
Gigantic sand dunes continue to pile as Singapore safeguards her sand resources amidst global scarcity. Shifting away from sand’s state narrative, thr... read on
Derong Lin
Core of Memory: New Age of the Funeral Passage
Core of Memory aims to look at a different approach to tackling the stigma of dead space, deviating from hidden volumes and changing its natural state... read on
Joel Rasis
Authoring Nature: A Fable of Singapore
Authoring Nature prompts us to rethink our relationship with nature as wildlife increasingly encroaches into cities. This three-act structure thesis d... read on
Natalie Cheung