School Project Entries 2018

London South Bank University

MTAC ( Monument to all commons )
Today, it is hard to conceive of air which is not free’. Luckily, architecture has the capacity to fix contemporary values for the purposes of the unk... read on
Waad Darzi
The End. Designing Death.
Coney Island is discovered one day before Manhattan, in 1609, positioning itself as the testing ground of the USA. This project, located on Coney Isla... read on
Billy Taylor
Polyark 5 / Polyair - AirSniff Tower
AirSniff project supports the Mayor of London’s Plan to achieve a zero carbon city by 2050. Drones map the city’s pollution, gathering detailed info... read on
Szilvia Zsoldos
Bridging the Gap
Project: Bridging the Gap- Aims to meet the growing issues of sustainability while introducing an organic design to combat future flooding. Within... read on
James Mason